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Business Developer

I started as a Market Research Intern at Ayras Logistics Pvt. Ltd. during the last year of my bachelor. I fell in love with the company culture and values. The amount of effort, discipline and expertise that the company puts in every client is commendable. Along with that, the scope of employee development (both professionally and personally) is something that made me stay as a full-time employee at Ayras Logistics.


Field Assistant

The company values are what makes me stay with Ayras Logistics Pvt. Ltd. I am an expert in my domain because of the training I received. We have a healthy, encouraging and positive work environment.

Hari OM

Front Desk Receptionists

I admire the amount of oneness, balance and fairness that Ayras provides to me as an employee. My colleagues are respectful, fun to work with and attentive towards my opinions. The company presents a perfect work-life balance which makes me stay at Ayras.

Krishan PAL

Customs Clearance Supervisor

I appreciate the fact that Ayras Logistics is professional and experienced. I provide honesty and hard work towards my job. I love working with my supporting colleagues.

Mahesh Sehrawat

Custom Clearance Coordinator

A learning job that I appreciate every day! I have learnt several things in this domain and receive growth every day. I admire the way the company operates. Ayras Logistics is a perfect fit for me as it provides a professional, casual, friendly work environment. I feel happy to work with my colleagues as they provide complete coordination and empathy while working. In the coming future, I look ahead to becoming the head of the department by giving my best for the company growth and development.


Human Resource Assistant

I have been working at Ayras for one year. As an HR Assistant, I handle various tasks such as taking care of harmony among colleagues, HR-related tasks and more. My colleagues are friendly, supportive and professional.


Warehouse Manager

Ayras Logistics is a great company to work with for growth and learning experience! I’ve enjoyed working with talented & skilled colleagues, a safe office, a strong team, good human beings and the best superior I ever had. It’s their support and encouragement that I can manage my team and secure my current position. Thanks to the management for this surpassing experience.


Warehouse Assistant

It gives me immense pleasure to say that Ayras Logistics is an amazing company and provides a great work environment. I enjoy working here with talented people and skilled colleagues. I always have great feedback from my staff which motivates me to give my best endeavours. It is the ideal practice I have ever had.

Navneet Kumar

Logistics Coordinator (EDI)

Working in Ayras has been great learning for me so far. All the staff operates in proper harmony that inspires me a lot.


Account Manager

Ayras Logistics Pvt. Ltd. has a healthy and friendly environment. My colleagues understand that team goal is more important than egotism. In our organisation, all employees play their role very effectively. I love my work because it will allow me to learn and build a career in this industry. Ayras has a homely environment! It gets stronger day by day with the help of teamwork and dedication.

Sandeep KUMAR

Heavy Truck Driver

Right from my first day at the job, I knew that Ayras would impact my personal and professional learning experience for good. We work together in proper harmony and have immense respect for each other and the organization. I am grateful to be a part of this fun and expert team and, looking forward to many more years for great learning and knowledge.

Sarita JOSHI

Logistics Manager

I‘ve been working with Ayras Logistics for the last 17 years that speaks for itself. A comfortable work environment and efficient leadership of the directors is what made me stay at this office. Commencing as an Office Assistant to now the Operations Manager (Logistics), I’ve had the opportunity to work with several people (both in and out of the office). Having spent so much time at this office, I would describe the office environment as professional and casual. When you spend so much time together, your colleagues become your second family. My overall experience with the office has been fulfilling, and I look forward to continuing my services at Ayras Logistics as far as possible.

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