Complete Solutions

Your Logistics and Warehousing Companion

Delivering Secure, Hassle-Free, and Time-Bounded Services under One Roof! We offer a full suite of logistics services for international shipping and freight services. Complete 3PL solutions consisting of licensed customs houses, general and customs-approved bonded warehouses,and temperature-regulated cold rooms. Other value-added services include:

  • Industry-specific solutions
  • Customized solutions and special handling for your specific needs
  • Expertise, Great Customer Experience & Location
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • Overall expertise in the handling of pharmaceutical goods and hazardous cargo.
  • Trained staff, safety, security, design, parking and storage space, quality control and more.

A complete 3PL solution that provides a customized 4PL solution as per your requirements. Your logistics and warehousing companion actively participates in the transition to a low-carbon footprint economy to achieve a sustainable, suitable and healthy environment for all beings. We stand and care for animals.

Custom Clearing

A complete 3PL logistics solutions. Whether you need to ship kits to Osaka or packages we can get them to their destinations precisely and on time with cost-effective pricing that works for your business.



Our efficient Warehousing Solutions improves your company’s profitability, reputation, and accelerates your response to growing customer demands. Simplify your task management by having our experts .


Cold Room

We operate a network of sophisticated cold storage facilities to serve you and your clients effectively. Our facilities are designed for temperature-controlled shipments that require.


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