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Ayras Logistics Private Limited holds excellence achieved by our directors’ focused, visionary and quick-decision making mindset. Rajnish Parti and Sunita Parti have led our organization since 1992. Mr Rajnish, is a graduate in mathematics and economics from Mahindra College and, Mrs Sunita is a graduate in history and political science from Kalindi College. Before Ayras Logistics Pvt. Ltd. both individually had over 20 years of work experience

Mr Parti shifted from the industrial licensing activity to customs house agents (CHA), i.e., import and export (IMEX). Established as Rajnish Parti & Co. later, renamed in 2005 as Ayras Logistics Pvt. Ltd. They’ve had various achievements and overcame challenges with communication, enterprising values and great teamwork.

The youthfulness and competitive spirit is inbuilt in them and the roots of the company. One of our clients was not getting the transfer of license and its application was rejected three times by the Ministry of Commerce. Ayras took this responsibility and got the work done with our hard work and expertise. Completed the requested duty in a record time of two months. It exhibits our dedication to the growth of our client. We will always be your pillar of strength and reliability. There was a time when Ayras needed the right people who understood the amount of work, dedication and sense of responsibility it would ask to fulfil the company requirements. In the beginning, we didn’t have well-qualified drivers to perform the tasks. The director drove heavy trucks on his own to deliver the goods at the right time, to the right client in the right quantity. By completing tasks himself, he gained knowledge and experience. It demonstrated our honesty, dedication and ethical responsibility towards our customers. It also supports him to create leaders for the coming future. This charisma is visible in the employee testimonials as well. We faced a challenge in 1998, Mr Parti was abroad for 5-months due to an unexpected event. Working from out of the office that too from a different country was costly. Yet, he didn’t lose faith in the process and continued operating with Mrs Sunita Parti and the team. He had my “why we started” attitude and worked dedicatedly. As a result of exceptional communication, his persistent nature, Ayras gained one of its current major-clients.

They operate the business together in perfect syncs, similar to the left and right brain hemispheres. Mr Parti values deductive reasoning, complex problem-solving and believes in going the extra mile to complete our commitments. While always right, Mrs Parti is caring, patient, balanced, considers everyone and believes in the effort, doing for the economy and employees. Their key to success is Appreciation, Communication, Expertise, Ideal Work-Family Balance, Profits and Scope.

Our directors are genuinely dedicated to our clients and will go above and beyond to fulfil our commitments. They believe in making leaders for the future, respects, values and provides the space an employee needs to grow.

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